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Hello! My name is Joy Liu. I am a Front-End Developer based in Toronto.

I have an appetite for politics, digital media, and exploring every corner of the internet.

As a Front-End Developer, I take pride in writing clean, semantic code. I am also passionate about crafting well-performing websites for all users.

Prior to front-end development, I was a Congressional Reporter in Washington DC. My media experience has helped me excel at multitasking, communications and time management.

When I'm not coding, you can find me running along the lakeshore, shopping for fresh produce at Evergreen Brickworks, and enjoying craft beer in Toronto's West End.



Interactive Client API Project

Built for a mock client, this app lets the user find and select nearby shelter dogs. Powered by JavaScript, Sass, HTML5, Git/Github, Gulp, Petfinders API and Leaflet Map API.

Responsive Custom Wordpress Template

Fully responsive and customizable WordPress Theme for event planners. Built with PHP, HTML5, Sass, Gulp and JavaScript.

Interactive JavaScript Quiz

A quiz app that generates two items for the user to bring to HackerYou's Wednesday salad club. Built with JavaScript, Sass, HTML5. Fully responsive.

PSD to Responsive

A fully responsive PSD-to-HTML5 website built with Sass and jQuery.


my journey

A ancient-chinese style building lighting up at night in Beijing

Beijing, CHN

First I was born. In Beijing, I saw the power of an open and free internet from behind the Great Fire Wall of China.

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Boston, MA

In 2012, I moved to Boston to pursue a Master's degree in Journalism at Boston University.

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Cherry blossoms in DC's tidal basin

Washington, D.C.

Later on I moved to D.C.. I wrote about politics, reported on the District's income disparity, and produced broadcast news for a TV station.

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A shot of a some colourful store fronts on toronto's queen street west

Toronto, ON

Last year I moved to Toronto. For the first time in a long time, I started to understand what "home" means. Now I have a Raptors cap.

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